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Shipping to all of Mexico! from $ 135 Mexican pesos
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The merchandise listed here are highly specialized, should not be sold to the general public directly and should be installed by technical personnel specialized in the brand.

The Goods Listed Here are Highly Specialized, should not be exposed to the general public directly and should be installed by technical personnel specialized in the brand.

Prices DO NOT include freight to USA. The merchandise is delivered L.A.B. Monterrey or in some of our Distribution Centers. Freight is ALWAYS quoted separately. In case your shopping cart does not show the word SHIPPING TO ALL MEXICO FOR $ 135 Mexican pesos and rather a message from I STEP TO PICK UP A STORE (Quote the shipment here) this means that your material does not apply for shipping without However, you should approach a commercial executive to review the cost of this. Otherwise we will be forced to cancel your order.

The availability of the products and their prices may change without prior notice.

We recommend requesting information on Prices, Characteristics, Uses, Connections and stocks through our website since we do not have cancellations, returns, returns of merchandise or any similar or derivative case to the aforementioned. For this reason, our business partners are highly trained to be able to support you in any technical, use, configuration question you may have.

We always keep the correct quantity of each of the advertised products in stock. More than 95% of orders are filled complete the same day. In the event that you see a missing item, we will immediately contact you in order to provide you with the best possible solution.

Prices and discounts to our Distributors / Partners are private agreements.

MIROCOM maintains an excellent commercial relationship with its distribution channel; healthy, friendly and honest, to achieve end users satisfied with the service and the sale of equipment.

MIROCOM has the attribute of canceling the commercial relationship or distribution at any time, if the customer's behavior does not match the interests of MIROCOM and the end user, in the same way when finding falsehood or discrepancy in the information provided.

MIROCOM limits its responsibility to the recommendation of a product integrator or distributor in relation to the requirements of the end user or customer, the negotiations that arise between both will be the sole responsibility of those who celebrate them "

Failure to read our processes, procedures and policies does not exempt the client from their consent.