Bobina Cable UTP RJ45 Cat6 4 Pares 305m Gris SYSTIMAX

700211931| 1071E SLT C6


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Bob Cable UTP  Cat6 8 Hilos Para Interior 305m Redondo Color Gris  Empaque Blanco SYSTIMAX

Product Classification  
Portfolio  SYSTIMAX®
Brand  GigaSPEED XL®
Product Type  Twisted pair cable
Regional Availability  Asia   |   Australia/New Zealand   |   EMEA   |   Latin America   |   North America

Construction Materials  
Jacket Material  PVC
Conductor Material  Bare copper
Insulation Material  Polyolefin
Separator Material  Polyolefin
Cable Length  305 m   |   1000 ft
Cable Weight  25.60 lb/kft
Diameter Over Jacket, maximum  5.893 mm   |   0.232 in
Jacket Thickness  0.559 mm   |   0.022 in
Electrical Specifications  
ANSI/TIA Category  6
dc Resistance Unbalance, maximum  5 %
dc Resistance, maximum  7.61 ohms/100 m
Mutual Capacitance  5.6 nF/100 m @ 1 kHz
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP)  69 %
Operating Frequency, maximum  300 MHz
Operating Voltage, maximum  80 V
Transmission Standards  ANSI/TIA-568-C.2   |   CENELEC EN 50288-6-1   |   ISO/IEC 11801 Class E
Dielectric Strength, minimum  1500 Vac   |   2500 Vdc
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space  Non-plenum
Flame Test Method  CMG   |   CMR
Installation Temperature  0 °C to +60 °C (+32 °F to +140 °F)
Operating Temperature  -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
UL Temperature Rating  75 °C   |   167 °F
General Specifications  
Cable Type  U/UTP (unshielded)
Packaging Type  WE TOTE® box
Pairs, quantity  4
Cable Component Type  Horizontal
Jacket Color  Slate
Product Number  1071E
Conductor Gauge, singles  23 AWG
Conductor Type, singles  Solid
Conductors, quantity  8
Ordering Note  Not available in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa
Separator Type  Bisector
Mechanical Specifications  
Pulling Tension, maximum  11 kg   |   25 lb


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Bobina Cable UTP RJ45 Cat6 4 Pares 305m Gris SYSTIMAX

Bobina Cable UTP RJ45 Cat6 4 Pares 305m Gris SYSTIMAX

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